Interview of Billionaire Mark Cuban!

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban states he will give a charity of Donald Trump’s option (or Trump himself) $10 million if Trump accepts a four-hour interview with Cuban about his “policies and their substance.” Cuban’s challenge came hours after Trump said Cuban wasn’t clever enough to understand his strategies.

Cuban released his difficulty to Trump on Twitter Friday. Cuban, whose net worth Forbes price quotes is $3.3 billion, is a prolific Twitter user and an outspoken critic of Trump’s campaign. After the preliminary obstacle, Cuban said he could instead compose Trump an individual check for the cash instead of offering it to a charity, if Trump required it. (Previously this summertime, Cuban raised doubts about Trump’s net worth, stating in a tweet that Trump didn’t have the money to support his campaign). On Twitter, Cuban set out ground rules, stating that Trump would just have the ability to discuss his own plans, wouldn’t be allowed to mention the Clintons and would be alone with Cuban for the interview, other than for a broadcast team.

Earlier Friday morning, Trump stated that Cuban wasn’t smart adequate to comprehend his policies in an interview with Fox Business Network. Host Maria Bartiromo played a sound clip of Cuban saying the marketplace would “tank” if Trump won the election. Trump responded: “Well, I know Mark and you know, the issue with Mark, he is not smart enough to understand exactly what we are doing. He’s truly not smart enough in my opinion to actually comprehend exactly what’s going on. I have actually understood him for a very long time. He tweets me all the time.”

Cuban responded to a tweet revealing the records of Trump’s comments about him and called Trump’s strategy “jibberish.” Minutes later, he proposed his $10 million interview idea in a tweet storm, ending with the remark: “In the never-ceasing words of YOU. ‘What do you have to lose?”

Simply yesterday, Bloomberg published an e-mail interview with Cuban, which discussed how Cuban went from initially being thrilled about Trump’s governmental run to being an outspoken Clinton fan. “I liked Trump’s honesty due to the fact that it was different and had a possibility to alter the business of politics,” Cuban said in the interview. “What I didn’t understand he was missing out on at the time was a complete and utter absence of preparation, knowledge, and common sense.”

Cuban is the 2nd billionaire today to pledge money contingent on Trump’s behavior. On Monday, fellow Trump critic and LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman provided to donate approximately $5 million to veterans groups if Trump launches his income tax return prior to the last presidential debate. Hoffman, whose net worth Forbes estimates at $3.8 billion, assured to match donations to a 26-year-old veteran’s crowdfunded campaign with a 5x contribution up to $5 million. So far, the campaign has actually raised $175,000.